Working to create a world where everyone is

100% empowered, 100% included.

When everyone has the opportunity to thrive, we all prosper. 

The #100ActsofInclusion challenge was created by Easterseals Central Illinois as a way to activate our resolution for 2019, which is to help create a world where everyone is 100% empowered, 100% included. 

Much like small acts of kindness, small acts of inclusion make a big difference in peoples day to day life. As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are launching the #100ActsOfInclusion challenge to inspire and showcase the small acts of inclusion in Central Illinois, and beyond.

What do you need to do? Pledge to take the challenge. Then check out some of the ideas shared on this website for ways to perform small acts of inclusion at your workplace, in your community, at home or anywhere you go. Share your story on social media using #100ActsofInclusion 

Do you have questions about inclusion? We might have an answer! We have a pool of experts and  families impacted by Autism, developmental delays and Disabilities right here in Central Illinois who can answer your questions. 

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